Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Today

I'm home today . Hard to describe this weak wasted state I'm in. I'm only writing this as a record of how I'm feeling so can tell the doctor. Things started to unravel yesterday afternoon and went downhill from there . When I got home from work I kept telling myself all I had to do was rest and I would be fine . In the evening I got everything ready to go to work today, had my clothes, lunch, and bag organized. Decided to go to bed early and listen to music, not feeling sleepy, just weak . Over and over in my head I played the mind games," Oh I would be fine", " I just did too much during the day" ( how much is too much and how can I tell before it's too late?) " have to take it easy" " rest and I'll be OK".

Then this morning I couldn't get up . Just couldn't get my body to do anything. I hate lying around in bed, just hate it. Finally around 8:00 a.m. I lifted myself up thinking I should at least call work. I did that and got a not very nice acknowledgment from my temporary boss(yeah another one). Not that I blame her, she didn't ask to get loaded down with a case like me. Anyway, I feel too lousy to worry about it.

Slowly I managed to get washed and dressed and came downstairs to have breakfast. Don't think I'll be doing much stair climbing today. I'm alone and my legs are wobbly. Stiff, and yet at the same time feel like rubber.

Have I left anything out ? No except that I did buy a Wii, only I'm too brain dead right now to figure out how it works. I'm sure it's very easy. Maybe later and maybe later I'll have something good to write about too.



Sorry you are not feeling well. Hopefully this is a temporary event and resolves itself soon.

Merelyme said...

oh my i am so sorry. can your neurologist give you something to combat the fatigue? on days like that all you can do is survive. i hope you feel better soon.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies I really appreciate them.
One nice thing about blogging, you get to know some great people.