Friday, August 8, 2008

Internet Cafe

It's official. I'm a geek. I signed up for a membership at an internet cafe called Click . Yeah I'm 15 years behind everybody else, so what. Click, is a very short walk from the office. I can go out the back door at work, run across the parking lot, and be there in less than 5 minutes . Now I have a place to go at lunch time when the weather is lousy, and it has been that way all week. Rain one minute, cool the next, then hot, then rain again. It's certainly a better use of my time than hanging around the lunch room or at a restaurant gossiping . Far too much of that going on at work. People should shut up and worry about their own lives .
At work we aren't allowed to access the internet or use email for personal reasons. If you get caught ( and many have) it's serious, you can lose up to 3 weeks pay and even get fired.

The guy that owns Click, is a very cute Asian kid .I say kid because he looks like he's about 15 years old. Funny how more and more people look like that to me. He sold me a $10.00 lifetime membership, which he swears really is for life. So if I'm still around at 100 I can hang out at the internet cafe. If it's still there!

Today was a another roller coaster ride at work Total insanity. I feel like I'm working for the communist party with all the stupid bureaucratic double talk I have to put up with. If I hear or read one more "unfortunately" "however" or "but" excuse from a manger, I will scream. Don't ever get sick, because nobody gives a damn.

Went to the art gallery tonight thinking it was freebie night. The very rude lady at the desk advised me that no, that was only on the first Friday of the month. She said only the Canadian Gallery was free this evening. Then another equally rude lady turned looked at me and said with disgust " Free ! yeah right, don't I wish" What a stupid cow. OK so we go up to the Canadian gallery and had fun looking at the Bruegel Bosch Bus . Slowly making our way around following the paintings down the stairs, next thing you know we're in the Japan exhibit . Looked around at that ( lots of cool art there). Then we went into a room filled up with beautiful antique kimonos and that's when we got busted. Turns out we had wandered into the "pay" section. After questioning us, the security guard led us back to the freebie section.
We left using the side door where the outdoor sculpture court yard is. The same rude lady that had been at the front desk came running after us. She said we couldn't use that exit because there was a wedding going on ?? Hmmm, private use of public spaces. I told her they could use more signs. She wasn't impressed.

Had Fish "N" Chips for dinner tonight. I was tired and the rain spoiled my barbecue plans so those are my lazy excuses. How is it possible to be this tired.

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