Monday, August 11, 2008


Ahhh I feel about 10 kilos lighter today. I haven't lost any weight, my filing cabinet has.
After rummaging around the last couple weeks looking for documents for my lawyer, I realized the secure filing cabinet was becoming a convenient dumping ground for any and all papers. Today I searched every folder in it and did a through culling . Do I really need to keep old pay stubs and gas bills from five years ago ? Normally I'm not a pack rat, but there's something about papers that I feel compelled to keep them around longer than necessary.
I shredded everything and as an added precaution threw the works in a tub of hot water, then mushed it all up before throwing it in the green bin. I know that sounds paranoid. I have a friend who went through a perfect nightmare due to identity theft . The police think the thieves were able to do it from rummaging in her garbage , so I figure the shredding and mushing are worth it to avoid that hassle .

Didn't feel much like walking today even though the weather was nice and I had the day off.
I just feel so tired and weak. Managed to get over to the drug store in the evening which is at least a 40 minute walk there and back. Better than no exercise at all.

Had a funny conversation with the cosmetics lady, about garbage of all things. Not your typical beauty counter talk. All because I told her that I didn't need a plastic bag and woe to me if I did bring one home. My son is anti- plastic and rightly so, only it sure is hard to live without it.
She told me her son is the same way. I laughed when she told me how he checks to see that every little bit of garbage that can go in the recycling or green bin does. She said she gets so fed up with it that her daughter will take a bag of garbage from home to work with her and put it in the dumpster there .
Then the two of us complained about the icky, maggot filled, green bin, and how sick we are of using it. She agreed with me when I said we should just burn the whole works. After that I left , my green bag filled with over packaged items . More junk for me to sort for the recycling.

11:00 p.m already , time for me to get ready for bed and another anxiety filled day at work tomorrow. It sure sucks when others have total control of your life. Which is the way it is for me right now.


occam said...

What goes in your "green bin"?

Diane J Standiford said...

Nothing beats throwing out junk and discussing maggots. Ugh. Did I mention I worked in the city of Seattle "Sold Waste" dept.? Yum.

Taxingwoman said...

occam: The green bin takes pretty much anything organic. Unlike a composter, you can throw cooked food, meat, bones ,in it. It's dreadful and stinky but it is helping to divert waste from the dump. I still think we should incinerate the works

Taxingwoman said...

Yeah Diane I suppose the little maggots are digesting all that muck