Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Quiet Room

Today for the first time and due to extreme fatigue , I paid a visit to the" Quiet Room" at work. This room use to be a first aid station with an attending nurse. They got rid of the nurse and replaced her with a network of first aid volunteers. The room has a single bed, a wheel chair, and some first aid supplies. Can't really say much about the bureaucratic nonsense I had to go through to use this room just to lie down for half an hour. The last thing I need is to get sacked for violating confidentiality. Even though my manger thinks it's OK to violate mine by sending snoopy , none of her business, letters to my doctor. My doctor, in a very polite way, told her where to go. Naturally, the bureaucrats can always justify their stupidity and make it appear that they are doing something for my own good.
Dear managers, you know how you can help me ? Stop trying to help me.

The only good thing that happened all day is I was able to buy the first field tomatoes at the Farmer's Market. They still had raspberries too, so I'm good to make peach melba and another shortcake.

At 10:00 there's a documentary on PBS , "18 with a Bullet" about gang violence in San Salvador. Did you know that there's a gang called the MS gang ? From what I have already seen in the previews these guys are really nasty fellows. Should be interesting .


Merelyme said...

wow...an MS gang? who is the leader? larry the lesion?

i am glad that you did get to rest. i have become a frequent napper as of late.

Taxingwoman said...

Yeah today I found a desk in a corner and crashed out for 15 minutes. It really helps