Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

The rain today rather than cooling things down like it has all summer, turned outside into a horrid steam bath . I went out in the morning to do errands and the weather really knocked me down. I had one of my "spells" meaning sudden fatigue and fever, resulting in a total shut down of my brain . My legs went all funny . Fortunately, I made it back home in one piece and felt like kissing the air conditioner. What would I do without central air ?

I'm feeling pretty good now and all set for work on Monday . I wanted to start the fatigue medication this week end but didn't get the prescription in Friday's mail. Why did I tell the doctor to mail it instead of phone it in to the drugstore ? Guess it was my same old dread of taking pills. If it's here tomorrow I'm going straight to the pharmacy with it after work. I'm at the point now that I don't care if I turn into a junkie, I can't handle this fatigue.

Just as I thought, our sort of Prime Minister, is pushing for a snap election in the fall. I think he's concerned that a Democrat win in the U.S. , will have us all rushing to vote Liberal again.
I have my Green Party sign in the basement ready to put out in the front garden.

The manager who wrote a very rude letter to my doctor returns from holidays tomorrow .I've never met this person . I can't wait to have another pointless meeting to discuss how she can't do anything for me till the Health Canada assessment is done . This is manager number four in less than a year. I just love Mondays

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