Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mid Day Report

Mid Day Report only to comment on how tired I am . Doubt I will do any blogging when I get home . My life sucks right now . I carry on. I have no choice.

Here's my mini consumer report:

Clinical strength deodorant really does work and is mild. No dry itchy underarms and no scent. Good stuff, even on a hot day wearing a sleeveless top

After two weeks of visiting the internet cafe at lunch, my conclusion is that the research is right. Personal internet use really is better than going for a walk at lunch time. It clears my head. Employers please allow your workers to have access to outside internet during work hours.

Don't know how to get a good bra fit ? Visit Bravissimo. It's easy and you don't even need a measuring tape. Turns out my bra is too small (no I'm not bragging)

Zip lock bags are a nightmare for me. I give up . I just cut them open with scissors. Who decided that every food item ( even lettuce) should come in those horrible bags ?

That's it time to get back to the snake pit a.k.a Work.

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