Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here's a photo sent to me by a friend from 1966 of the stairs going up "The Mountain".
It's really the escarpment, however in Hamilton they like to exaggerate. Folks who live on The Mountain, think of themselves as being better than us peasants down here in the city core.
I actually prefer it here. I find up there is too suburban. When I get a chance I'll go over and take a picture of what the stairs look like now.

I use to be able to climb all 265 of them. It was a short cut for us to get to a club my son belonged to, where he played a Star Wars card game. We would trudge up the stairs every Tuesday. He would play and I would go shopping, unlike all the other parents who use to butt in the game which I think ruined it for the kids. The trip home was easy, all we had to do is shoot down the stairs and we'd be home in ten minutes. Now I look at those stairs and think to myself " no thanks". I'll stick to walking.

I bought my first batch of local peaches today. They should be softened up enough by tomorrow to eat. Looking forward to it. If they have any more raspberries at the Farmers Market this week, I'll make Peach Melba.

There was an article in this weekend's local paper The Spectator, about a sleep clinic. The doctor they interviewed sounds like a sensible guy and not a drug pusher.. Turns out the clinic is right nearby my place. I sent them an email about getting an appointment. I really believe that if I slept better it would go along way to making all the rest ( read MS symptoms and work situation) more bearable. It's worth a try. I'd be happy with 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


occam said...

Last night I woke up after having been asleep only 15 minutes. Somehow I had managed to flip 180° and my head was at the foot of the bed and my feet at the head. I was so confused. How hilarious! I can't imagine how I did that. (I hope I didn't just reveal a deep dark secret about my psychology!)

Taxingwoman said...

Perhaps it's a for of sleep walking, sleep aerobics !