Monday, August 4, 2008

Prescription Data and Insurance Coverage

Interesting article in the Washington Post . Now Insurance companies can find out your prescription and lab test history, to increase or deny you insurance. It's like a health credit rating.
Consumers should be wary of this. It's fast and cheap to do and you can be denied insurance based simply on what drugs you take and how often. It can also be used to limit the amount of tests you have done.
This applies to U.S. residents however, anyone in Canada who has additional insurance for costs not covered under the health care plan of your province, should be concerned as well.

If insurance companies thinks it's a great idea, it's because it benefits them , not you.

Got an email back from the sleep clinic. Have to be referred by my family doctor and appointments are made based on that referral . I'll be taking him the form next week.



Ooh, aargh, damn.

Healthy policy folks said this was coming.

Makes me mad!!!

Taxingwoman said...

Yeah I don't think it should be allowed

Diane J Standiford said...

People will fight this, there is an election coming, much hangs on that. Insurance companies, I mean, seriously, how much money do they need to make? Banks fail, houses go into foreclosre, scholl books are decades old, bridges crash, airplanes fall apart, but Insurance companies STAND TALL; you're welcome. If enough of us sue then they will give in...'coures that didn't slow down tobacco companies much.

Taxingwoman said...

True Diane ,
however hardly anyone in North America smokes now. Here in Ontario tobacco farmers are finally taking advantage of a crop conversion payout. So there is hope.
It just gets very tiring to always be fighting ,but we must .