Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So What Next ?

OK When does it happen? When will I get to the acceptance phase of having MS ?
I'm not there yet and I'm not sure which phase I'm in right now: anger, denial, sadness , or all three at once. How long does it take to get to there ? When I get there will I be a sagacious dispenser of MS philosphy ? Will I beleive all the MS myths ? ( I have MS but it doesn't have me etc. etc.) Does it matter if I accept it or not ? I mean I'm still going to have this crappy affiction no matter what right ?
These are mid day ramblings from the internet cafe .I wonder what all the people are writing about? More later from home


Reut said...

You know... I think that you are dealing with it in your own way. Acceptance may not be what you need right now.
I also think that keeping a blog and voicing your thoughts helps release some of the pressure and anxiety.

I'm very happy I got to know you a little bit through your blog.

Diane J Standiford said...

Everybody in their own time. I accepted pretty fast. I wanted to get on with it. "I have MS but MS dosn't have me." BS, MS IS me, it smacks me down at will. Ah, you just get used to it after awhile. Like getting older---can't stop it, best go with grace, what the hell. Could be worse, you could be a meerkat with hemoroids.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks reut Glad you enjoy my blog and yes it is therapuetic.

Diane Poor meerkats with hemoroids
some how I find that unfair.They're so darn cute.


My personal take on the matter is that there is no grand nirvana of acceptance. Every emotion is equally valid and it's best to allow yourself to feel them all.

What you do with that emotion is what's important. How you act upon it matters. IMHO.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Lisa I guess I'll keep on blogging It helps.