Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wiiiii !

Here's a statue of John A MacDonald, Canada's first Prime Minister. Seems like our current one is pushing ahead with an election. I wonder who will be next ? Funny thing is we might know even before the U.S. knows who their new President will be. I'm embarrassed to say I've walked passed this spot many times and never noticed this statue. I'll blame it on: busy work week, keeping my head down to avoid weirdos, style of walking.

I don't know why there are cannons on each side of John A, except that there are lots of cannons lying around Hamilton. Remnants of the War of 1812, when America tried to invade Upper Canada, as it was known then. That war is a big deal in the Niagara region, as it is home to many United Empire Loyalists. They remained loyal to Britain and ditched the U.S. during the Revolutionary War.

The cannons are filled with cement because you just know some idiot will come along and say "Hey cannons !! Let's blow stuff up"

Had fun this evening playing around with the Wii console. I'm having to content myself with Wii Sports, since not one store in the entire universe has a Wii Fit for sale. The bowling is great to play with more than one person. The tennis and baseball actually had me working up a sweat. You don't just press buttons with a Wii, you have to swing the remote as you would a tennis racket or golf club. It's as close as you can get to the real thing. I recommend it, although the other games you can play aren't so hot. The graphics are kind of childish in comparison to other consoles . In Wii Sport, the figures remind me of Weebles.

Work is so dreadful I won't even comment. It has to get better , it has to!!

The weather is kind of feeling like fall, cool mornings and nights ; warm, sunny, pleasant, afternoons. This weekend coming up will be the last holiday of summer, Labour Day.

I have deleted a few blogs from my links . Easy Recipes no longer exists, MS My Way I had forgotten the author no longer posts on it, and lastly, A Stellar Life by Diane Stafford. She has decided to quit after a year of blogging and move ahead with other projects.

There are always new blogs to enjoy . I'm liking "A Tea Tray in the Sky" by Kelly Siobhan although I think the official title is Ms: Curiouser and Curiouser. I like tea so I'm sticking with the url name.

Oh Yeah, so far my Wii fit age is 71.
I have much work to do before I am fit.

Healthzone has a few interesting health tips today and the Independent a good article about bypass surgery. Not for the squeamish

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