Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ahhh what a day. So tired , messed up mentally and physically. I forced myself to go for a walk this morning at least . Just a short one, about 30 minutes, better than nothing. Spent most of the day "putting" as my son calls it. That means cooking, reading, doing postcard stuff and email. I just couldn't psyche myself up to do any laundry. I felt so tired and thought I might fall down the basement stairs. It would be nice to live in a one floor house with the laundry room in the kitchen. A girl can dream !
I did make a very good Mexican dinner. I find cooking improves my mood and is very relaxing . I guess I'm lucky that I'm a good cook . Don't have to think too much about doing it. Still though I did feel like I was dragging myself around most of the day .

Another MS fact: Between 1941 and 2006 there have been 23 films made dealing with the subject of MS. According to a study of these films most of the depictions of MS have been very realistic. I can't think of one movie about MS or having a person in it with MS. I do remember an episode of Family Guy (my son likes it, not me) where one of the characters , had MS. He was using crutches to walk but otherwise looked and sounded good, considering he was a cartoon character. The only other times I have seen anything about MS is on the Montel Williams show and news about Mitt Romney's wife.

I was rereading portions of Montel Williams book" Climbing Higher" it's about his MS experience. What I like about him is he doesn't sugar coat anything and yet he is very hopeful .
He has a very good MS website .
The section I was rereading is the interview with different MS doctors . Asking them questions about treatment , diagnosis, future of research etc. One doctor from Sweden made a very good point about how important a holistic approach is to treating MS. A patient may need a team of people helping them to stay well . He emphasized the importance of physio therapy , exercise (moderate, nothing heavy duty) counseling and regular follow up. He seemed to place the least emphasis on drug treatment , although he was in favour of using drugs. Wish he was my doctor.
Who knows maybe the guy I'm going to see in June will be like him.
I did say I was going to talk about dis- inhibition today. It's too close to me, I need more time.
I never thought too much about the mental /emotional symptoms of MS before. Too busy dealing with the fatigue and the aches and pains. Now I think I need to face that part of it since it really seems to be affecting me more than I want to admit.


bwehrens said...


You sure are good at putting

Get back to cooking. I'm Hungry


Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I will definitely add you to the growing list of MS blogs out there. Welcome.

Regarding movies with MS depictions, you might look for Hillary and Jackie which takes a look at Jacqueline DuPre, an amazing cellist who died in 1987. She was married to conductor/pianist Daniel Barenboim. An excellent movie.