Wednesday, January 30, 2008

* Beware : lots of complaining in this post*

Early blogging today. Had a hassle at the doctor's office all because of a form that I needed filled out. This is a clinic where I sort of have a family doctor. What I mean is you can't make an appointment at this clinic and you see which ever doctor is available. I go on the days I know this one doctor I like is there. I have seen him a few times and he is the original doctor who sent me for an MRI and referred me to the neurologist.

This doctor is reluctant to sign the form , insisting it was a legal form , which it isn't . Said my neurologist should do it. I tell him I no longer see the neurologist and have been referred to the MS clinic . I don't have an appointment there till June so can he please sign this form for work ?
It's to get things going for my approval to work at home. I can tell by the look on his face he doesn't believe me, although why I don't know. He keeps repeating over and over that the neurologist should do it.

He calls up the hospital where the neurologist works , only to find out he doesn't work there anymore and they can't find my file. They think it was sent to the MS clinic. He starts filling out the form and then changes his mind again . He looks through his own files and finds one for me.

In it is a letter , sent by the now disappeared neurologist to the doctor at the MS clinic. In the letter he states the only reason I am being referred is that I refused to have a lumbar
puncture (spinal tap) . It also says he's unable to reach a diagnosis of MS for me. That is odd as he and a couple of other doctors said I did and he gave me all these drugs for it!

I did refuse the test because this neurologist( who's specialty is strokes) kept sending me for endless tests and prescribed several medications . What was he treating me for? He kept putting off referring me to the MS clinic because he said they are picky and it takes a year to get an appointment. I find out later it isn't true . I said if he had done it a year ago ( I've been dragging around now for 3 years) I'd be at the clinic now instead of wasting time with him . I said if the doctor at the MS clinic wants more tests done then I'll do it, otherwise, I'm through. No more doctors, no more nothing . Then acting like he's doing me a big favour he says he will talk to the head of the MS clinic when he sees him at a conference on the weekend. Next thing you know I have an appointment. Now he's gone and who knows what would have happened if I hadn't insisted he do something. It's not like I'm asking for anything special. I need to be referred to an MS specialist, so refer me already !

Back to the form doctor. He's busy rummaging through my file looking really confused. After a few minutes he says he'll try and do something for me and I should come back tomorrow.
Then he suggests that maybe I should consider quitting work !!!! Yeah, well doctor, I'm trying to make arrangements to work from home. My boss is willing,but you won't even fill out a dumb form so that my boss can at least look into the possibility . So I can just imagine if I needed documentation from you or that other doctor to go on disability,which I don't want to do anyway,so there. So please either fill out the form or let go.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. !

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