Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday night and I'm relaxing with a nice cup of chocolate Chai tea. Only had one slump today
in the late afternoon . Otherwise a pretty good day, no pains and only a couple of mild spasms.
No emotional extremes either, although that might have to do with minimal contact with others this weekend due to the bitter cold. Today would have been a good day to go for a walk in order to soak up some sunshine. I'm more and more convinced MS is caused by a lack of sun, although I'm sure there's more to it that that. When it's this cold out I have no interest in walking or doing much of anything outdoors.
I've been reading more MS blogs . I'm learning about treatments for MS from them . The good and the bad experiences of others. . The more information I have the easier it will be to decide what's the right direction for me as far as treatment. Oh! there's so much discussion out there about what is and isn't a good drug. I do agree with one blogger who says most of the drugs aren't specifically for MS. I know the ones I've been prescribed ( and don't use) are primarily treatments for other illness like Parkinson's . I guess the doctor's think if some of the symptoms are the same then the same drug will help. I'm not sure I agree. Yeah I'm anti drugs for many reasons.

Not looking forward to going out in the cold tomorrow morning . I hope tomorrow will be an uneventful day at work with no memory or concentration troubles.

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