Friday, January 25, 2008

MS research

This evening I've been taking a look at abstracts of articles about MS. There are hundreds of them. I was reading mostly about medical research. Some very practical about clinical trials for drugs, others a bit odd, ( at least to me) such as :

"Multiple sclerosis in women having children by multiple partners. A population-based study in Denmark.". Conclusion is there's no increased risk of MS if you have children with multiple partners. Not sure why anyone would study this or how they came up with the idea in the first place. I'm sure they have their reasons and who knows, it might lead to something worthwhile.

I also found out that you are at no increased risk of dieing in a traffic accident if you have MS but you are at higher risk of death from suffocation or burns ! Better practice my Heimlich, and avoid playing with matches.

After that I looked at images of the brain for the purpose of trying to understand my 2 MRI 's. The different parts of the brain and what they control . Stumbled across some MRI scans and it seems I have a classic presentation of lesions .

I'm sure many people would think that by doing this I'm dwelling too much on my condition . In fact it's the opposite . It's making me feel better. The more I know ,the more in control I feel, the more able I am to come to terms with MS.

It also helps to know that there are many options to treat MS besides drugs. I'm not talking about herbal remedies or vitamins, anything like that. I mean massage, physio therapy, exercise programs , practical things that can improve quality of life.
Tomorrow I'm going to tackle a subject I am, having a hard time dealing with. Emotional response and poor judgment.

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