Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two interesting articles in the Toronto Star today "Dangerous Devotion to Doctor's" about how we should perhaps question doctor's expert opinions and " Desperate for Sleep " . This article was very interesting to me, as I did not know how little medication over what you should take can result in death. One pill more can put you over the edge.

Reading more MS blogs. Lots of good ones, although some kind of bug me. I don't post comments when I disagree because everyone has the right to their opinion and that's what blogs are for! Express yourself ! It's very therapeutic. Having said that ( critic time) I really don't agree with the "It's All Relative" point of view . I'm supposed to feel better because even though I'm tired and dizzy some other guy in say, Pakistan, who has MS , also is homeless due to a mud slide, and lost his family. No I can't feed off the misery of others to give myself a boost. My mother will say things like that to me "Oh things could be worse, you could be blind or have no job" Yeah Mom, I could be the Queen of England too, but I'm not, so if I feel like moaning I will.

If I think about what my philosophy is I would have to call it " Just Keep Going " .

Yeah I get really depressed, but there's laundry to do, so I do it. Yeah I'm tired but I want to write, so I do it. My leg hurts, but I want go for a walk, so I go.
If I sit around my leg will still hurt, I'll still be tired, and I'll still be depressed. Every day I have to talk myself into doing just about everything. I don't no any other way to be. I just keep going.

I remember reading in the paper an interview with a celebrity who was discussing depression. Can't recall who it was. He said he was so depressed he sat and stared out the window for days on end. Well I guess if you have a house keeper , a butler, and lots of money you can indulge yourself that way. I'm poor I don't have anyone to clean up after me. Wasting time is a luxury I can't afford.
Do I sound harsh ? Maybe I am . I think people rely too much on pills and doctors to fix them.
You need to fix yourself.

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