Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tonight I was so disappointed to read about the Montel Williams MS Gala and Celebrity Poker Challenge to be held March 13, 2008. Why ? The gala honouree is Bill Tauzin CEO of phRMA.
I hate Big Pharma to me they are the worst drug pushers of all ! Mainly because of their push to sell psychoactive drugs to treat mood and psychiatric disorders. They inflate the numbers on how many people have mental illnesses that require drug treatment. For example the explosion in the diagnosis of bi polar disorder in children. There are children who take as many as 10 different drugs every day ! They also make exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of certain drugs and suppress any negative studies on these drugs .

I could go on and on about prescription drugs !!!!

I 'm also disgusted that the cheapest ticket to this fund raiser is $1000.00 and that it features gambling as a fund raising tool.
Montel, I'm disappointed in you



Hi Carole,

Ironically, I blogged a little about Montel and this event just yesterday.

I too am disappointed with all the backrubbing going on between Montel and PhRMA.

Come check out what I had to say.

Billy Tauzin to be Honored...

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks for dropping by Lisa.

Yeah Montel use to be a role model . Not anymore. I still think he's a good guy. I just wish he'd think about his involvement with Big Pharma.