Monday, January 28, 2008

dizzy day

A dizzy day. I keep having this feeling that the floor is giving out underneath me. Wednesday I have an appointment with the doctor to get forms filled out for my medical accommodation .
4 pages of questions and it's going to cost me $80 ! I'll get reimbursed but I don't even care about that ,I just want it over and done.

What's driving me crazy is I never know if what I'm feeling has to do with the MS or something else. I read and article that a very small percentage of MS' ers have fits of uncontrollable laughter or can experience a state of euphoria . That doesn't sound so bad to me . I guess it would be awful if it happened at an inappropriate moment , like at a funeral. I'm not trying to be clever. It really would be awful .
Tomorrow there's going to be an article in the Toronto Star about the dangers sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Look forward to reading that ,me being such an anti drug person.

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