Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Couldn't post yesterday due to a wonky internet connection I was too tired to deal with.
Went to a retirement dinner in Toronto last night for a former boss. Amazing how good looking the retirees are and how happy too. It's got me thinking Even though my plans are to retire in 2 years ,the way I'm feeling these days I might go sooner. Work is getting harder . I'm so tired all the time . My concentration is less and memory worse. Even working at home the last 2 days isn't having the restful effect it use to. Time to go ? Tomorrow I'm going to seriously review the options . Either I make a decision or I just shut up and keep working.

I was all weepy eyed when I left the dinner. Everybody was so nice to me . All the hugging and kissing and How are you's ? It really was a good group to work with but things change and we have no choice but to move on. I don't regret getting a transfer to an office closer to home even though I'm having difficulty adjusting. All those years in one place and then having to get use to new people, new building, new ways of doing things , new routine. If I was in good health it would be a breeze.

More things I have learned about MS: The longer a woman is pregnant during the winter the more likely the baby is to develop MS. More people born in May have MS than those born in November. Researchers believe this is due to lack of sunshine.
Pregnancy halts MS progression and even helps repair the brain.
MS is a northern illness and almost unheard of in equatorial countries.

Reading about the untimely death of Heath Ledger Notice that there are more deaths from prescription drugs than illegal ones .

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