Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad timing

What a day.

I decided to walk to Canadian Tire to get paint. My son was with me to carry everything, so why not combine exercise and shopping.

Got back home and started tearing the kitchen apart. Then I get an E mail from the tech guys asking if I would go back and do a little more site building before they set up the Pay Pal stuff.
Gee ! I thought they had enough to keep them busy for a few days .That's why I planned to take advantage of the lousy weather and do the kitchen. So I finish the scraping, sanding and patching, take a break, and then work on the website . It only took me about an hour to get it into shape .
I'll just have to wait and hear tomorrow if my additions are OK. Actually this Online Site Builder, is getting easy to use.

Now at least I have a good reason to be tired, but I really wish I didn't have this funny twitch in the back of my leg.

It's always something.

Painting and take out food tomorrow . Lucky my kitchen is small.


mdmhvonpa said...

Hmmm, refinishing the kitchen, building a web-site, and what... oh yeah, MS.

Are you going to declare your candidacy for the President of the USA as well?


You sound good Carole. But I'm exactly is it that you are able to get 3 months (or so) holiday from work? That sounds pretty cool.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Lisa
I'm taking "Leave with Income Averaging". I can take a maximum of 12 weeks off and my employer averages out the pay loss over a year. That way I still get a paycheck every two weeks but at a reduced amount.

Taxingwoman said...

Who would want that job ?
I'm paying for my efforts today.
A total wreck.