Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Getting Hot

Little annoyances of the day.
1. No good mail , only bills
2. Rain and heat had it feeling like a steam bath outside .
3. City workers idling trucks in front of my house while eating their lunch
4. Movie channel messed up, advertising Martial Arts Monday and showing a western instead.
5. postponed trip , postponed again.
6. someone asking me how much "work" I've had done (plastic surgery- answer : none)
7. Dry, dry, feet that no amount of cream seems to help.
8. Accidentally gluing a finger on to a toe (long story)

Otherwise I can't say I accomplished much, which leaves me oddly dissatisfied with myself.

Reading this article in the paper didn't help either. Notice how a little thing can drag us down and have us thinking long lost memories ? I don't know why it reminded me of when I was a girl and was in the hospital. I had surgery on my feet. I wanted to get up to go to the bathroom but wasn't allowed. I was stubborn and kept trying to get up so the nurses tied me in my bed. I was very young but I'll never forget that feeling of helplessness and humiliation.
My dread of losing my independence must go back to that time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mild which is good because I have loads of errands to do. Have to figure out a way to go to the Farmer's Market and not see anybody from work. I know that sounds silly, yet I can't handle seeing any of those nosy people.

I fixed the link to London Calling , not a bad blog .Check it out.

Hmm I think I hear a raccoon fight in the yard. Should I break it up ?


occam said...

Naw, leave the raccoons to sort it out among themselves.
And never go to North York General. That is revolting!

Taxingwoman said...

I've heard bad things about North York General . My favourite hospital, if I have to have a favourite, is St Mike'sin downtown Toronto .A crazy place but very good.

I worry about the raccoons because sometimes it's a fight with a cat or dog, which can get really nasty.