Thursday, May 1, 2008

Painting vs YouTube

Why! Oh why! did I have to discover You Tube. By discover I mean actually use it.
I had avoided it thinking it was just a silly waste of time (which it is).

It happened last night while I was doing a search for Shaw brothers movies, looking for a 10 pack special a friend told me about. My movie addiction is much worse since I got this new TV.
I accidentally clicked on a link to You Tube, which was a clip from a Bruce Liang (super kicker) movie. How could I resist, it was from one of my favourite movies of his " My 12 Kung Fu Kicks" Well an hour later I was still watching clips of him , the Five Venoms, and the Wu Tang Clan etc.

Now today I must be good, go to to Canadian Tire , buy paint, start painting my horrible kitchen, must not give in to MS procrastination.

Oh ! but watching people kick each other is so much fun and they do it so well.
More later


mdmhvonpa said...

You could always watch youtube videos about painting ...

Taxingwoman said...

Or perhaps people painting and kicking each other at the same time