Friday, May 9, 2008

Child Proof Caps

Got up really late today, 9:30 ! Had all sorts of strange dreams last night, which is good , it means I was actually sleeping.
My penance for being lazy was to clean the bathroom and unclog the tub drain . Why have they decided now to put a child proof cap on the bleach? Grrr ! Don't get me wrong, I want the kiddies to be safe. Why a child won't eat broccoli but will guzzle down a bottle of cleaner, I don't understand. My son and nieces and nephews, fortunately,were only ever interested in stuff made of sugar.

Yesterday was a mish mash day. Started out good and then slowly unraveled. Why do the tech guys only ever have bad news ? And why do they always try to blame me when things go wrong? I told them I don't want to play the blame game, just fix it and let's move on.
My friend is right, they are the priesthood and we must obey them.

" When he walks in the room people stoop and bow, because he is the guy with computer know how" Excerpt from a song by the Bare Naked Ladies.

After all that frustration I went for a very long walk on the trail. While I was up near the waterfall I had one of my little brain malfunctions. The ground felt like it was giving out under me and the railing felt like it was collapsing. Glad that only lasts for a few seconds. I stayed calm and didn't say anything.

Now it's back to work. Later I can get back to door scraping. My son is done with the night shift for this week, so I can make noise during the day again.

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