Monday, May 5, 2008

Wish I Could Get a Paint Job

Hooray ! The kitchen is finished. I did the last of the touch up paint and put back all the nice clean knick knacks. It's still the same old kitchen, a little brighter, fresher looking . Only wish a paint job would work for me. I could use some freshening myself.

Must do a post on painting tips soon.

Have to laugh at the pundits talking against a gas tax cut .That's a first. All the years I've worked in tax, never thought I would hear it, ever. Oh don't lower taxes, because people will go out and buy more gas. Isn't that economic stimulus? Isn't that the justification for all tax cuts ? So you have more money to go out and buy stuff ?

Meanwhile the guys where I work are in the news for spending $44,000 on a toilet .
And somebody is making big bucks from the food crisis
And Oil

I'm too tired to go for a walk tonight. Think I'll goof around on the computer for awhile and then watch Martial Arts Monday ( seems like I just did that , time flies)

Good article in the Guardian about chronic fatigue . I have to agree. The same could be said for MS.


mdmhvonpa said...

Sayyy ... isn't paint made from Oil? YOU'RE CAUSING OIL PRICES TO GO UP!!!


Taxingwoman said...

Ewww stinky oil paint.
No I use acrylic. I guess all the chemicals in it come from oil so there you go .
Doomed no matter what I do.