Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Sidewalk

I wanted to treat myself to a lie in this morning due to major female complaints, which I won't go into details about. As fate would have it, the city has decided to not only dig big holes in the road on my street, they are at this very moment, cutting away the side walk in front of my house. There is very little frontage between my house and the sidewalk, so it's traumatic. I can't go outside, there's a huge amount of dust, and a bunch of guys with big machines. Not good. Just as well the eaves troughs are postponed. Oh and the colour it turns out is "universal brown" which to me looks like the plain old brown I wanted in the first place.

My sidewalk trauma is nothing compared to what my postcard friend Carol, in Arizona is experiencing. Please read her first had account of the wildfires there at Double Barrel Ranch

Take your pick from the experts as to where the price of oil is going They all have a different story.

I'm breaking down and having a couple of Advil. A girl can only take so much. If you think I'm whining excessively, please feel free to go read some other blogs. You will especially enjoy the Julie Andrews, themed ones that encourage you to " Climb Every Mountain".
I can barely climb a hill .


mdmhvonpa said...

Damn boys and their toy jack-hammers, eh?

Taxingwoman said...

Pretty scary looking toys.

occam said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. The fire is scarey but we are hoping for rain today or tomorrow. I'll be doing a Day 3 up-date later tonight.
From the Double Barrel Ranch, Arizona.

Taxingwoman said...

Hope you get rain and all is well