Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can't Handle It

How many times in this blog have I mentioned how tired I am ? It's the one constant. Even on days
when I say I'm feeling pretty good, I have at least one fatigue "episode". On a bad day, it's all day. I know there are much worse challenges with MS, but this is the one symptom that makes me feel like I want to give up .
That's the way I feel tonight . I can't handle it . I was a zombie today. Sure, as usual I pushed myself to do things because not doing things makes me feel guilty and hopeless. Didn't manage to get out though, not even for a short walk to the post office . I just couldn't do it . Even the thought of walking made me tired. So I've been inside putting around on the computer, sorting out summer clothes (when will we start wearing them?) and cooking . The kitchen always seems to be my refuge when I'm down. "At least I can cook", I tell myself and I admit I'm a pretty good cook.

So this is it for th rest of my life , being a zombie . No there aren't any good drugs for it. I've checked them out . They just fool you into thinking you have energy and turn you into a junkie.

Now Blogger is being a total nuisance so I think I'll stop for tonight. You know I'll be back tomorrow.

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