Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Paint Job

Today I feel like a hundred year old lady who's been run over by a truck.

I managed to get most of the kitchen painted yesterday with only the trim left to do and a bit of touch up. Thank goodness the ceiling only needed one coat !

In my past life (pre MS and younger) I would have kept painting well into the night to get it all finished, stopping only for food and tea breaks. No way can I do that now and really I did far too much . I hit the wall around 4:00 and just couldn't do another thing except throw a couple of steaks on the barbecue for dinner. My son had a night shift, so I felt like I had to stuff him with some protein before he left ( mother's guilt).

Now I'm up but I really do feel like I want to go back to bed. I never do that though because lying in bed reminds me too much of being in the hospital. I also have a bad habit when I'm lying there of thinking only morbid thoughts ( my life is pointless etc.)

Carole's new mantras : " I must not be so ambitious" " I must not take on so much"" I must pace myself" " I must relax and not feel so guilty" " I must accept I'm not the woman I use to be"

That last one is tough.

Once I fortify myself with a few cups of tea I'll do just a bit of the trim. Just a bit.


mdmhvonpa said...

"Today I feel like a hundred year old lady who's been run over by a truck."

But you look so gooooood! Heh. Anyways, ever hear of the spoon theory? It's basically a 'budget' for your energy. You have x spoons and you 'spend' them on things you want to do. When you are out, you are done.

Taxingwoman said...

I have to agree with that theory, but there's always so much to do.

It's always a tug of war between what I want to do and what needs doing.