Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trying to Stay Cool

Typical weather around here, from freezing to suffocating. At least I am anyway.

I suppose I shouldn't worry about it. I'm beginning to feel the positive effects of my time off even though they have messed up my pay cheque, and are taking far more money off for the leave than they should. Not in the mood to wrangle with human resources right now. Must stay calm and serene. Besides , the more they take, the sooner it will be paid off. Repeat: must stay calm and serene.

Saw an interview today on BBC with the lady who posed for this painting
She's actually very attractive. Maybe she was having a PMS day when she posed. That's what the painting makes me think of.

Hey! it's not my fault I bought all this candy today. In fact, the caramel Mars bars are calling me.
Time to make a pot of tea and : stay calm and serene.


Mima said...

I saw the interview too, and was really surprised when she finally appeared! I hope you are enjoying the end of the sunshine as I gather the weather is going to change again tomorrow!

Taxingwoman said...

Yes the forecast is calling for another cold wet weekend
Hope Monday, which is Victoria day, is nice so we can see the fireworks.