Friday, May 16, 2008

Week Three

Three weeks into my leave and I'm feeling pretty good. Still very tired, yet not the bone crushing exhaustion I felt at the end of a work week .
I'm still a space cadet. Yesterday without thinking, I went out in the yard without a shirt on and almost threw my son's breakfast into the composter. Caught myself before I did it at least and went back inside and put my shirt on. Then I put a head of lettuce in the freezer . Later in the day I was in a tizzy at the bank machine thinking I had lost a cheque . Luckily I had left it on the dining room table. I know it all has to do with the fatigue and not because of brain cell loss.
OK maybe a few brain cells.

Today was Bike or Walk to Work day. That's easy for me, I always walk. I especially like walking past the gas station and seeing the gas prices. Glad I don't have to worry about that, no car.

I'm seriously thinking of getting a Wii game console so I can use the Wii fit. Apparently they have done tests and the hula hoop exercise on it is even better than using a treadmill. I can just imagine myself on a cold winter day doing the hula, pretending I'm in Hawaii.

Well it's supposed to be a cold rainy long weekend. Perhaps no fire works on Victoria Day and
I might not get to go see the lilacs at the Botanical gardens. If I had the Wii fit I could pretend to be jogging through a lovely park (can you tell I really want one)

Lucky there's a save feature on here, almost lost the whole works. I really am very tired, so I should quit now.
Added another MS blog to my links: London Calling.



Um..Carole..I didn't see a link for the new MS blog, London Calling, on your sidebar. I then googled "london calling blog" and the first result was rather interesting to say in the least. I hope to see the correct link on your blog soon.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Lisa

Check and it's fine At least it's the one I was referring to .