Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Mother's Day Message to My Son

Tomorrow is Mother's Day so I thought I would write a little something to you, my son, Billy.
I'm sure you'll be rolling your eyes when you read this and say I'm acting like a mushy girl.
I'm your mother so indulge me.

I want to tell you what great guy you are. You kid me a lot, but I know that you're trying to cheer me up when you do that. And you know I'm kidding when I say I want a diamond encrusted tiara as a Mother's day gift.

It can't be easy for you sometimes. You go to your Dad's place and he's a wreck from his Fibro and then you come home and your Mom's a wreck with her MS. It must be very frustrating.
Besides that, the world is such a crazy place and yet you seem to be able to handle it.

Even though you enjoying weird music( death metal bands with unpronounceable names) and drive me mad sometimes talking about politics, you bring so much happiness into my life.

So I'm really looking forward to Mother's day because I have such a nice son to spend it with.
OK that's as mushy as it's going to get. Oh wait!
I Love you.

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