Monday, May 12, 2008

A typical Monday

My complaints about the lousy weather are feeble considering the recent earthquake, cyclone, tornadoes, and volcanic eruption. It's too difficult to comprehend, 10,000 people dying in a few seconds.

Managed to check everything off my to do list today. I now know more than I want to about websites and blogs. The door scraping is coming along and should only need another couple of hours to finish it. Made a pair of shorts out of pants that I know won't be in style next year. They turned out pretty good. Why I should care about that, but I do.

Haven't had to take any Advil since I left work even though I have awful pains in my feet. I can put up with it because they don't last. I'll get these stabbing pains on the top of my feet were my scars are and on my left foot it feels like my toe is going to fall off. Then they just go away on their own. Walking doesn't seem to be the cause. I walked loads this weekend and nothing, but sitting around and suddenly, Wham ! foot attack !

Added another health site to my links , Health Zone. Lots of interesting articles there on a wide variety of health topics.

As I'm typing this there's a very good Kung Fu battle going on in the movie "Shaolin Drunk Monkey "( yeah that's the title) A young woman dressed in red( that always means trouble) is kicking the crap out of this old martial arts master. He's a bad guy so I guess he deserves it.

That's it , after all it is Monday.

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