Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Timing Bad Timing

Beautiful sandal weather today.
Not much happened except working on website promotion and lots of cooking. Still no sidewalk even though they did make quite a racket out there this morning.

Being off from my regular job has really helped me feel better, not fabulous, but pretty good.
I still get dead tired, not mind numbing , bone crushing, tired like before at least. I'm a little less of a space cadet too. That's the good news.

The bad news is according to an article in the Star ( really should give up reading online papers) we have higher prices for everything to look forward to this year and next. Perfect timing with me have a 25% cut in my wages for a year, due to this time off. Ah well, guess I'll have to do less cooking.

Watched the movie "I'm Not There" again. It was better on the second viewing. A weird movie and you really do need to know about Bob Dylan to get what's going on.

Unlike many artists Dylan never wanted to be a prophet yet people saw him that way.
Bizarre how people can latch on to a singer or a band, thinking they know the meaning of life.
When Bruce Springsteen did a concert here recently, Oh man, the way these guys at work went on about him you'd think he was a god ! Can't say any artist,or for that matter politician, has had that effect on me. I'm amused at how worked up everybody is getting over the whole Hillary/ Obama thing. What a crazy horse race that is. I'm glad that when the government calls an election here, it's over and done with in a couple of months. If it were any longer than that I 'm sure I would go mad listening to the propaganda.

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occam said...

I just look at the Hillary/Obama thing as theatre. An original show, so I don't know the ending. And it is a really, really long show. LOL