Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another off day

Yesterday I had to miss work. In the morning I lost control of my body functions, which I won't go into details . How am I supposed to get ready for the day when I'm like that. How can I walk down the street and not worry that it will happen right there , or at the office? Oh yes that would be lovely. Another reason why I want to work from home. Still no word on that. My request has gone to a higher level of management for a decision. . Didn't think I was that important.

Today I was fine . I'm having a hard time getting use to my life being a question mark. A good day, a bad day, a horrible day, a rotten miserable day. Yeah but when ? Never knowing , that's what's hard to take.

Briefly watched the moon eclipse tonight. Can't remember much else, due to brain fog.

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