Friday, February 22, 2008

PC beats Doctors

Read about it here .
I'm not sure if this method would work for MS. Not that I know that much about Parkinson's but I think it has a definite set of symptoms and illness progression. MS is "quirky".

Maybe this is why? More about it here
A computer has no emotion ( not yet at least) and no bias, so I can see that it would make a diagnosis based purely on the facts. Doctors are human and therefore subject to emotions .
Many , not all , doctors are egoists . I have had doctors tell me everything that was wrong with me was all due to stress or menopause symptoms . I think they get frustrated if they can't figure you out right away. In the beginning they look for the same things : high blood pressure, stroke , diabetes, menopause , thyroid , inner ear problems, infections, STD's . If you don't have any of those , well then you become a challenge and some doctors don't like a challenge so they pass you on to another doctor . Then the whole cycle begins again. I also think there are still too many doctors out there who don't know anything about MS . To them you become the mystery patient or possibly the hypochondriac ?

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