Tuesday, February 5, 2008

mystery illness

Article in the New York Times today" A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota" about a neurological disorder that employees at a pork processing plant have come down with.
The symptoms are similar to MS. All the affected workers came into contact with pig brains, which scientists think caused there immune system to overreact.

Another article in the Toronto Star, about how marijuana smokers are at high risk for gum disease .
This follows and article last week citing lung cancer risk for pot. One joint is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes. More reasons why I think medical marijuana isn't worth it. I know people who smoke pot for medical reasons . I don't see that it helps them, in fact I think it affects their mind in a negative way.

My income averaging leave has been approved. I can take 12 weeks off this summer and still get a pay cheque every two weeks at a reduced amount. This is my default plan if I don't get the work at home accommodation.

Very, very , tired tonight and my left leg and foot hurt. My eyes are blurry

Anyone who drops by my blog, please don't think I'm ignoring you . I'm still not good at figuring out how this blog works so I may be a little slow to reply to any comments you make. I do really appreciate your comments


bwehrens said...

lol your a mush brain. lol

P.s Poor Mom,

did you read my review on my blog?

bwehrens said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Carole: Glad you got your medical leave approved. Use it wisely, get well, and hopefully you won't be out that long.

Take care,

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Anne . I have lots of plans Just need the energy to carry them out.
Bwehrens, Yes your review is very good .I will post a comment later.