Monday, February 4, 2008

mush brain

Tonight I'd like to thank Anne for dropping by my blog and also for posting a link on her site. I will do the same soon. Tonight, though I can't handle learning how to do anything. Tonight I want to pack my suitcase and run away. I want to unscrew my head from my body and leave it somewhere, anywhere, away from me. This brain of mush, that lets me down when I need to make decisions, need to think straight , need to concentrate. I use to be quick, had an IQ of 128. I was smart . Now what am I ? A mush brain.

I read an article that says the cost of MS over a person's life time, to the person, and society is $1,600,000.00 I would gladly pay the debt , if only it were that simple.
Here's 2 million, please give me my brain back.

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Anonymous said...

You are most welcome. See you soon in blogworld.