Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wanted to talk about cooking

I did want to talk about cooking tonight How does that relate to MS ?
I've read so many blogs and forum posts by MS'ers who find cooking a challenge , mainly because they are very tired , or in pain or can't move there limbs properly . Like so many things, cooking really does become a chore. Yet these folks want to cook. They don't want to eat convenience food or junk meals and they can't afford a maid. Me either.
I guess I'm lucky that for me cooking is relaxing . When I'm in the kitchen with the radio playing I forget my cares. Kind of like when I'm writing.
I know that I feel better when I eat properly. Let's face it , fast food has too many things in it that make me feel bad.

I have a few tips that perhaps might be of help for others to make it easier to prepare food .
Since it would be too difficult and repetitive to go on every blog and forum to comment, I will write about here and then pass it on.

Now I'm so tired so it will have to wait till tomorrow .
I'll just mention one thing for now. If you can , get an automatic dishwasher. It saves so much time an effort. If you can't bend to load it or empty it, I have seen a simple cabinet design that mounts the washer on a platform. This raises it up to make it easier to use. The space above isn't wasted. A shelf above the dishwasher that matches the counter top is handy for a microwave oven . I will post a picture of it soon.

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