Saturday, February 9, 2008

Too old for MS

First: I have to apologize for accidentally deleting a couple of comments on my blog. Billy and Mrymerry ,feel free to return and post another comment or two.

Second : I have decided to up my vitamin D from 400 to 800 mg. per day . We haven't had very much sunshine at all this winter and I feel depleted. I did a bit of research and you can go as high as 2,000 mg per day , a combination of diet and supplements. I even read 10,000 produces no toxicity. I'm not sure exactly how much I get through food. I have lactose intolerance , although I can still mange small amounts of yogurt , cheese, and a tiny bit of milk in my tea. Not enough dairy to be a major source of D. I eat meat and some fish which also have D in them. Ahhh, I still remember those big spoons of Cod Liver Oil my mother use to feed us . Morning sunshine she use to call it. I don't think I get any were close to 2,000 mg per day so no worries about becoming "toxic"

Somebody said I was too old to be diagnosed with MS at 53. Normally 40 is the oldest.
Well I think that's because I have had it for ages and my symptoms weren't that bad. And how many times when I went to the doctor I was told I was going through the peri- menopause
( yeah right ! for the last 20 years) so I just stopped going to the doctor.
Now I get annoyed with myself for blowing off the symptoms for so long ,yet I never thought of MS, didn't really even know what it was. When I had trembling in my fingers that was around the time Michael J Fox told about his Parkinson's and said it started that way. I thought "OK I have Parkinson's so I going to die anyway so why bother going to the doctor". Yeah very clever of me.

Anyway what with MS being such an odd condition , what I mean is unpredictable, it's not surprising that some people, like me, could go for a very long time not knowing.

It certainly explains a lot of kooky stuff that has happened to me over the years.

And I still haven't gone through menopause so I suppose I still have the peri- menopause too
Ha Ha !

That's something I would like to explore another time .

Question : Are there symptoms unique to women ? Does MS affect monthly cycles?

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bwehrens said...

I'll post comments as long as you dont write about stupid stuff, like breaking up with your boyfriend or whatever.

What about the MS Walk? post something about that