Monday, February 25, 2008

Real energy I miss it

Stayed home today. I did too much on the weekend and now I'm paying for it. I remember when I moved into this house 6 years ago, all the work I did from morning till night. Having a house with walls covered in shiny vinyl wallpaper with orange roses on it, is a good motivator to do reno work. Still I wonder if I moved in today would I be able to do it or would I just suffer with the roses ? 3 years ago when I had the first major dizzy spells I was in the middle of doing laminate floors upstairs. Well that all came to a halt and didn't get finished for months Even now there's so much trim work to finish . I'm reluctant to do any of that because I just feel so weak . It feels like such a challenge . I miss the old energetic me.
What I find even more tiring though is socializing. That lunch on Saturday was a killer. Couldn't believe how tired I was afterwards. No wonder I make excuses to not go out . Every once in awhile though I have to say yes . I feel like I have to show people that I'm OK and they don't need to worry about me. I also worry that I enjoy being a recluse too much.
My son had a party on Saturday. For some reason a box of pills I had in the cabinet ended up in the toilet. It was a prescription for Alertec, which the doctor said would help keep me alert during the day. Then the pharmacist told me they were addictive and I had to talk to the doctor if I wanted to stop taking them. After doing a little research I decided I didn't need fake energy.

So the toilet is an appropriate place for those pills even though they cost me $70.
Now I'm going to see if there's a good Kung Fu movie on tonight on Martial Arts Mondays.
I can watch somebody else jump around because I sure don't feel like it.


bwehrens said...

lol Well written mother. made me laugh.

bwehrens said...

well written mom, made me laugh.