Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm later than usual. So many phone calls tonight. I think the winter blahs are getting to everybody and they want to chat.
Hey I never noticed till now how to add a link right in my post. Not surprising I'm usually so tired when I do this it's all a blur and I'm not thinking straight.
I did a little more reading . Seems the trend in research for MS , is coming up with better and different, oral drugs . Drugs that are used for ALS and Parkinson's are also being looked into .
Myself I have doubts . Not sure the benefits outweigh the risks. In twenty years will it be the same situation as those who have been taking drugs for HIV ? They don't develop AIDS and yet they have so many debilitating illnesses as a result of those drugs . One man I was reading about 53 years old, who has so many serious things wrong with him from side effects, that he is in worse health than his 85 year old father. I'm not judging. Everyone must decide for themselves what is best, yet is aggressive treatment really best ?

I was frighten last night by dizzy spells . They have gone away now. Every time I get them I think of that time almost 4 years ago when the dizzy spells were so bad I couldn't get out of bed all weekend. I couldn't even turn my head or move that the room would spin around madly.
It left me feeling so weak . That whole summer all I could think of was how I wanted everyone and everything to go away so I could just lie in bed . Everything was an effort . I had to practically crawl to the doctor's office . That's when the whole crazy journey started from one doctor to another, one test to another Oh! the endless tests. And it's not over yet.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I have same concern about ALL the new drug out. I have friends on 3,4,6 different drugs; they start with 1, then need 2nd for side effect--non-ending, and we have NO IDEA what they will do to us over time. I've had MANY relatives live healthy lives into their 80, 90, 100s,yet my peers from 30s on are sick as dogs. Our cpuntry has turned a blind eye to this.