Friday, February 15, 2008

MS and my period

Today I did some research about how MS affects my menstrual cycle. Actually, it's the other way round. My period affects my symptoms. In my case it is Oh! so true.

Read about it here: MS and Menstruation.

How come the doctor and the MS society didn't tell me about this? Maybe because I'm an old lady and they think I've already gone through menopause ? No, that can't be right because they did do blood tests last year and the technician who discussed the results with me said my hormones were normal and I could still get pregnant. I broke up laughing . Pregnant at 53, can't even imagine it. And I'm still regular like a clock, no menopause for me yet.

So now I know why I feel so lousy just before my period Actually horrible is a better word .
I knew it, I knew. My period was making my MS symptoms worse. That's why my leg and neck hurt more this past week. That's why I was even more fatigued ( and that's lots) and my right eye was more blurry and I was dizzy. All that aggravates the mental stuff (memory, concentration) so no wonder I was such a space cadet at work.

Does it mean when I do finally get the big "pause" I'll feel better ?

Doesn't seem to be much discussion about it out there .
Lots of talk about sex , relationships , intimacy . Talk about all other body functions, but not much about menstruation . That surprises me since the majority who have MS are women .

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Diane J Standiford said...

I was DX MS 5/15/90, two weeks later football sized uterine tumor was found and I had a hysterectomy. No effect whatsoever on my MS. In 1995,ovarian cancer was found, ovaries removed 12/5/95; no effect on my MS. Never took any ERT. Was on no MS drugs until 1999.