Friday, February 1, 2008


Yesterday my doctor and my mother both asked me if I work at home will I miss the socializing
with others in the office. I guess they are concerned that I will become isolated. I didn't say much to them because I know they mean well. It seems everyone is so resistant to the idea of tele- work.

I've worked from home before as part of a pilot project. No I didn't feel isolated. There was nothing to stop me from picking up the phone or sending an email to connect with others. I would also arrange to do the occasional lunch date or after work shopping with someone.

Going into the office everyday I come home burnt out and that has a big impact on my social life.
I don't feel like doing anything because I'm so tired. I pass up chances to go out . Don't even feel like talking on the phone. Even writing a quick email feels like a chore .
I have given up my volunteer work which was great for socializing. Haven't been swimming in months . Don't feel like going to a movie or dinner or anything.

Today I'm home sick . I woke up feeling weak and dizzy. If I had gone into work( which no way was I up for it) I know what would have happened . I'd feel worse and be concerned about passing out . Or like last week totally lose my memory. Or the other days when I can't concentrate at all.The main culprit behind all of that is getting over tired . At work I just can't make then understand how crushing the fatigue is.
If I'm home I don't have to worry how I look. Don't have to deal with all the people and the tiresome pleasantries and the meetings and seminars etc. I can go at my own pace and I get just as much done.

My sick time is dwindling down to nothing What will I do if they don't let me work at home ?
Guess I'll have to take days off without pay which is very much disapproved of.

No really, if the work at home doesn't happen I will seriously have to consider giving up work and take a very early retirement. It will cost me but I don't care . I feel like I have no options.

Employers out there. I'm telling you with computers and the internet you can be a little more flexible with work arrangements !!!! Why are you so insistent that workers come in and sit in a little cubicle all day !!! It doesn't make them better workers.

You think you would be glad that people want to work , want to continue to contribute as long as they can .So stop being such dinosaurs !! You keep telling me to be proactive ,to think outside the box!! Maybe you should do the same.

Doctor, Family. Let me decide what I want to do with my life. You can give me advice sure,
but It's my life !! Let me decide when, how and who I wish to socialize with .

Co- workers . No, seriously. I'm not faking it . Maybe you are good at sucking it up, but I'm not.
Hey! You have 5000 hours of sick time, good for you. Try staying home next time you have a cold or flu Okay ? And I hope you never get sick. I wouldn't wish what I have on you. If you do get sick though ,I won't tell you that we all have problems and that you should stop feeling sorry for yourself. I won't tell you that maybe it's all in your head or push any of my home spun remedies on you or tell you that I know another person that has your illness and they seem to be fine. Okay? Give your coworkers a break . Quit the gossiping and stop being so judgemental .


Anonymous said...

Does Canada have anything like the US Medical Leave? We get 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave but it does guarantee our job will still be there when we come off leave.

And working from home??? If you can get that assignment, go for it!

But I do understand socializing will be less, but as you said, there is telephone, email and personal visits.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Anne
Yes I have been approved to take a 12 week leave this summer It's called leave with income averaging. The expense is spread out over a year. That way I still get paid every two weeks but at a reduced rate.

Mary said...

Hi Carloe, Mrymerry here.

I hope that your employer lets you work from home very soon.

I'll keep you in my thoughts.