Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can I help you ?

Can I help you ?
There are so many offers of help out there and yet so many are false. There are so many kinds of helpers. The helpers who have good intentions. They want to help the poor down trodden victims in the world . They do this by keeping people in a state of victimization. Remind them constantly of their poor victimized state. They like that others become dependent on them and will always need them. When they speak to you they use a soft gentle voice , baby talk.

Offers of help from those who really want you to say "No Thanks".

Or helpers who seem so sincere and then a year later throw it in your face that they helped you. Weak fool that you are.

There are the helpers who love praise and recognition for their helping. They love to get awards
"volunteer of the year". "Oh Thank you Thank you for helping me " Yeah they love that.

Then there are the helpers who do it for money and pretend that's not the reason they do it.
Oh No ! They believe in that cause that they get paid $800,000 a year to fund raise for.

And let's not forget the helpers who says after someone commits suicide " Oh if only they had come to us for help"

I know that there are some genuine helpers out there. Good people who do it because they really want to. They don't have an agenda.

I know I sound cynical .It's just that "Can I help you ?" is starting to sound like" Would you like fries with that ?"

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