Friday, February 8, 2008

Things that make life easier

Well I managed to put a few links on here . I will keep adding on to the MS bloggers list . I'm not being partial , just putting them on as I find them . Lots of good ones out there.

Tonight I'm going to mention things that make life a little easier , even if you don't have MS.

About a month ago I splurged and bought a memory foam mattress. I purchased the Obus Forme, which is in the mid price range. It's so good though that if I ever replace it, I will go for the top of the line Tempur Pedic one. Since sleeping on it, I find I have much less pain in my neck and hips. ( old pre- MS pains) I don't toss and turn as much. An added bonus to that is the bed is much easier to make in the morning ! I can't say I sleep more, sleep is always a challenge. It's just very comfortable and pleasant to lie on. It is soft and yet firm.

I have also resumed getting massages. I use to always get short 15 minute ones for my neck at a place close to work. They went out of business about a year ago and I never looked for another place till now. There's a massage therapist around the corner . I'm going for the full body ones . Even though the relief is temporary at least it helps cut back on the pain killers.
I guess I shouldn't say pain killers, which suggests real heavy duty medication. I only use Advil,
although I do take lots of it. Not all the time . I can sometimes go for a week without any and then need them for a month solid.

Tomorrow I have to go to the YWCA and renew my membership for swimming. I find swimming a good exercise because I don't get overheated . The cool water feels really good, especially on my head . Besides,I find other forms of exercise are just too painful and tiring .
When I swim I can just float around if I want. Very relaxing.

Another thing I find relaxing is my postcard hobby. I do it through an online site called Postcrossing. See it in my hobby links. It's nice to get cards from around the world and helps counteract all the crummy bills I get. I have met so many nice people there on the forum. Often I don't just trade postcards but little gifts, like chocolate, fridge magnets, bookmarks etc. The beauty of it is I can do it as little or as much as I want It isn't complicated nor does it require any special knowledge or skills. A good hobby when you have MS. It really is fun .

Think I'll continue this tomorrow as I feel very wilted now.

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