Saturday, April 19, 2008

Backyard Challenge

Thank goodness the movie wasn't one of those 3 hour deals. I was feeling quite wilted toward the end; couldn't wait to get home. I really am turning into an old fogey, because I can't handle all the mumbo, jumbo, LOTR , stuff in films . Just get on with the fighting, and never mind all the myths and legends.

A warm 24C today. First time I go out this year without a jacket !
Managed to get more work done on the backyard challenge. With the help of my son , the patio stones look almost new again. I poured some bleach on them,while he scrubbed away with a stiff brush to get most of the crud off.
The barbecue is cleaned up and ready to go. Yay it works! I bought a new cover for it that has a green leaf design, so now it looks like this big fake bush.

Not big accomplishments, but certainly an improvement over last year when I was a basket case and couldn't do anything.

Not much MS going on except for the mini tingling spasms in my hands and feet. I also notice I'm talking (writing) about it less. Maybe that's good.
Now I want to check out this how to video. If I figure it out I should be able to attach a sponge on the end of my electric drill, so I can use it as a scrubber.

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