Thursday, April 3, 2008

If I Didn't Know Better

Today I felt like I didn't have MS. No fatigue, no pains no, spasms , no nothing. My mind is still in deficit, but that could just be old age.
How can it be that one day I feel like I'm a corpse, and the next day I feel fine ?
Stating the obvious: Rest is very, very, important . Getting over tired can have a hangover effect that can last for days. Stress and worry makes it even worse. I need to relax .

They were up tight today at work, about me taking my leave earlier, and of course their initial reaction is always to say no. Ah! but then the Human Resources Gods, gave it their blessing, so it's OK.
Only 4 weeks to go , can't wait!!

Now if I can just carry this good feeling into tomorrow ,and the next day, and the next ....

Note** Yes my blog can be very repetitive That's because my memory is shot !


mdmhvonpa said...

Remember the Spoon Theory ... don't go spending too many spoons and get your rest.

Diane J Standiford said...

Stress, really, just MS. It is how MS works. One day, hour, you feel GREAT! The next, like death. WHY?? M S You will go crazy seeking the whys.

Taxingwoman said...

I know rest,rest but how is it possible with a 9-5 job? (7:30- 3:30 for me) when you work for a bunch of jerks who would prefer you sit at a desk all day and do nothing, rather than allow you to have a flexible schedule and actually be productive.

All this technology laptops, email internet, all wasted ! Doing things the same old dinosaur way !
It's so frustrating !
OK I have used up my quotient of exclamation points.