Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Work Update and a Survey

Strange happenings at work today. Seems like the bosses want to be nice to me now.
I'll be doing a new (different) job at the same pay and responsibility level, however much less number crunching and stats to do. I'll be able to do some work at home as well. One boss telling me about a recent article in Family Circle, about MS, that she found so informative. I'll have to check that one out.

Could that be what made them have a change of heart ? Nah ! I think they are very ambitious and don't want this situation to screw up their careers. I was very gracious accepting their apologies even though I wanted to say : "Why didn't you do this from the beginning ?"

Did a survey for this place
General questions about blogging and internet health sites. A PhD student is doing research on internet health services. One question I found interesting :They asked if my doctor recommends a treatment and my network of bloggers says it's not helpful, would I listen to the doctor or the bloggers? I said neither, since I don't seem to be following the mainstream path . I'm skeptical of the doctors, and I find too many MS bloggers are over enthusiastic about drugs I don't think work. Not that I'm putting down anybody down. We all have to choose our own way.

Now I'm dead tired and will indulge in cultural narcotics. Have some movies to watch.


mdmhvonpa said...

Careful, the wolf only shows his teeth when he is going to bite ... that aint no happy-smile!

Taxingwoman said...

Actually wolf is too good for them
Weasel is better.