Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comfortable Shoes

Wore my new comfortable shoes to work today and ended up , as usual, with sore stiff ankles, aching feet, and tingling toes.

Over the years I have purchased dozens of these types of shoes : track shoes, nurse shoes, orthopedic shoes, and boots. I've wasted a small fortune on shoes inserts, store bought and custom made. Worthless ! Yet I can wear high heel sandals and feel fine .

All the surgery I've had on my feet, you think keeping them in nice padded shoes would be good for them, but no, they hurt !

I was born with club foot, my left foot turned inward badly and my right foot a little less so. It wasn't really noticeable until around 2 years of age. The surgeries were gruesome,not anything I want to share, because I don't like grossing people out. The end result is yes, I can walk, although slightly pigeon toed. I have no tendons in my left foot, and scars that are very sensitive. Ahh! poor me (what good is a blog if I can't feel sorry for myself occasionally)

I wore high top, lace up, orthopedic boots for years. Kids naturally made fun, calling me "army boots" ,until I grew and was the tallest kid. Then I told them what I would do with my boots if they didn't shut up !

I know it sounds crazy but I love stiff leather shoes. Maybe I got use to wearing those boots
and soft shoes just don't feel right. I need to feel my feet working, need to know they still work.

So that's my suffering tale for today Not really MS related although I've read that lots of surgery as a child can mess up the immune system .

If you want to read a blog written by doctors that I found really annoying, check it out here .

Now since I've done my evening duties,I'm going to watch a movie.
( you're getting the impression I watch lots of movies aren't you ?)
This one is "Wet Asphalt" from 1958 with Horst Buchholz, about a guy who gets a job with a tabloid ( yellow press back then) and makes up a story. Even when it's revealed to be fake, the story won't go away. Sound familiar ?


mdmhvonpa said...

I'm a boot guy myself. I've worn the same set of clod-hoppers for about 5 years now ... same style of foot-ware for a good 15 years. Great ankle support for those of us with the dreaded 'foot drop'.

Robert said...
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