Friday, April 18, 2008

Robot cleaners

Today I ventured out into my scary back yard. Did more tidying , uncovered the air conditioner,
and was going to clean out the barbecue. That last job got put off because, I was waiting for a guy to show up to give me a quote on new eaves troughs. Twice I have been promised he would show up, and twice he hasn't, so too bad for him. I wanted to use someone local, but now I'll just go to the big box store . Have to get a move on before it gets too hot . It was 21C today. If that's a sign of whats to come, I have a feeling I'm going to be spending much of my time indoors this summer. And to think I use to be a sun worshiper !

While I was waiting for this guy I saw an interesting item on TV. The "Scooba" a robot floor cleaner . It's made my the same company that makes "Roomba" the robot vacuum.

The Scooba, is disc shaped , about the size of a large dinner plate, and sits in a docking station to charge up. You fill it with water and cleaning solution , set it, and off it goes, cleaning and drying the floors. It's programmed so won't go on carpet or fall down stairs. If it really works , it's a cool item. My current floor cleaning method is to step on a soaked cloth and push it around the floor.It works pretty good . My hands and knees get too sore to do cleaning the old fashioned way and I really hate mops. Not sure if I want to shell out $200. on a robot though.

I felt like a robot today . So out of it Mindlessly doing chores and paying bills. Now I'm going to play a few of my timed card games (Action Solitaire) to give my mushy brain a work out.

I've heard there's a new martial arts movie opening this week end with Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
If I'm not too much of a wreck, I might go see it. Besides sword fights, I love to watch people get kicked in the face. I think I'm repeating myself again. Oh well.


mdmhvonpa said...

We have a Roomba ... it's brain-dead. It just spins in circles because of our glass dining room table. Retarded Roomba.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks for telling me that. The last thing I need is a brain dead robot.