Sunday, April 27, 2008

Really should check call display more often

Tonight I made the mistake of telling someone that I was tired. Why, oh why, did I answer the phone when I was zombie woman. I ended up getting lots of free advice like" why don't you take more vitamins" and " have you tried acupuncture ? "
Then I had to hear about Terri Garr, and how she's not in a wheel chair anymore and it's because she has such a positive attitude( translation: I have a lousy attitude) .

I really felt like telling this person to shove off and I'd like to say the same to Terri . Cant' do that.
If I start doing that, I'll end up telling most of the world where to go.

So I'll say it here ( think I have before, repeating myself )

Please all you well meaning folks and celebrities. Please, Please, go away !!
I don't ask you for anything , especially advice.

I'm watching a movie " Don't Knock the Twist" a silly movie, but not that bad. Not any sillier than the people I surround myself with.

And interesting article about disability

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occam said...

I find it interesting that the Koran says that God will not give us a burden too difficult to carry because it says the same thing in the Bible. Maybe this is repeated in many holy books. The hard part is living that out. May whatever God we know, give us strength.