Friday, April 11, 2008

Mexican Food and The Sims

A cold rainy day that makes it hard for me to keep my head on straight. In the morning I sat on the couch with my cup of tea, so down in the dumps and Oh so very tired. The combination of fatigue and depression really is too much some days. I decided I may as well get busy, so I cooked a full Mexican meal from scratch. Slapping tortillas around is a pleasant distraction. After much experimentation, I've come up with a good recipe and a good method to roll them out. I stuffed them with beef cooked in a tomatillo and green chili sauce. Preparing those,the rice , all the toppings, and beans, takes about 2 hours .

After that I wasted time playing the Sims 2 . Controlling the lives of pretend people is preferable on a day like today, than dealing with my own life.

Had a chat on the phone with my union rep . She said she's looking into an arrangement where, the insurance company would pay for me to be home 50% of the work week and my employer
would pay when I'm in the office. Not quite sure how that works but I'll let her sort it out. Always good to have options.

After that, I spoke to a friend who's one of those eternal optimists. Wish I could be like that. I'm not very good at the thinking positive method . My way of coping with depression is to just keep going.

Had a bit of a row with my son this morning. I think it's because I worry that I'm going to fall a part before he has a chance to get his life sorted. . At least we don't stay mad at each other for long .
I'm disappointed with a Ninja movie I bought " Shinobi No Mono" or maybe it's because I was too tired to enjoy it. Have to give it a try again another day.

I want to get back to my game now, while I still have a couple of hours to waste.
Haven't read anything interesting in the health news lately.


Diane J Standiford said...

Sure hope the job thing works out. Mexican food outa spice ya up! LOl


It's a vicious circle/cycle.
MS causes fatigue.
Fatigue causes depression.
MS causes depression.
Depression causes fatigue.

I'm hoping that the heavy clouds lift for you.

Mima said...

Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling so well, I use exactly the same tactic as you, I just keep going, even though that is just for the fatigue rather than depression. I did have depression several years ago, but have been lucky since, so I know what a hard place it is to be in. Just taking it in little baby steps, and one thing at a time is how I deal with all of it. Good luck, and thanks for the words of encouragement.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Ladies ! Hope the clouds lift outside too. That always helps.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Mima

Thanks for the kind words Hope you are doing well with quitting cigarettes.